Ways I beat jet lag


My trip to South America had me travelling continuously door to door for 33 hours, on three flights, crossing ten time zones. I arrived free of jet lag to maximise the time abroad. How did I do it?

1. Develop a workable sleeping plan

I find that staying up when I need to is a lot easier than going to sleep on demand when I am not tired. Staying up all night the night before my travel allowed me to delay the bulk of my sleep for the 11 hour Trans-Pacific flight from Auckland to Santiago. This way, I woke up at about 7am in the local time of my ultimate destination, Bogotá. Bingo, already adjusted my body clock.

2. Actually sleep on the plane

Which I found to be quite easy, on LAN’s business class camas, complete with fluffy pillows and warm doonas.

The amazing transformer chair - the sleep was amazing

The amazing transformer chair – the sleep was amazing


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