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Up, up and away… to the back of the plane


25 March 2012

Flight: JQ19 OOL-KIX

So, the trip is off to a whimper. We arrived at the Jetstar check-in counter, only to find that my unexceptional but above-average seating allocation of 36J and K, a pair of seats by the window, was tossed out with yesterday’s rubbish. And in its place, were 28E and F. Awful middle seats. Both of us one (probably) fat, armrest-hogging passenger away from freedom.

View from the back

View from the back

“But these seats are better! They are six rows further forward!” argued the check-in agent, with a nonchalant it’s-Sunday-morning-and-I-am-hungover disposition.

Eventually, we were offered as consolation (no compensation was forthcoming, that’s not the Jetstar way), the back row of the plane. A pair of seats next to the toilets, where it was impossible to look outside and check out what was happening. But at least we were no longer trapped.

The flight, with the exception of the catering, passed unremarkably and before we knew it we arrived at Kansai airport.


Off to Japan!


This begins the blog of my two-week trip to Japan with Sham. The adventure begins in Niseko, where we will get to play with a bit of powder. Moving later to Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and Tokyo – some of Japan’s most famous cities, all for very different reasons.

I aim to keep this up to date as the travels happen.

My Go Card


At the end of this month, the end of an era will be marked with the expiry of my student card, and consequently, my concession Go Card.

This first release card has provided over four years of loyal service to the bearer, and the statistics are staggering. Some $2,600 of electronic money has slipped through the card’s delicate integrated circuits.

The card has transported me a distance of over 35,000km, the distance of Brisbane to London and back, over more than 1,200 trips.

I will miss you, my little green card of joy, but it is time to enter the big, brave adult world.

Concession Go Card

My battle weary concession Go Card, expiring 31st March.